Terms of Use

Regulations of llamaandcactus.com shop

Welcome to LLAMA& CACTUS website. The following Regulations represent the terms and conditions for using the llamaandcactus.com website. Any order placed on this website must be in agreement with this Regulations and the present legislation. Your use of the website constitutes your agreement with the Regulations that follow and we reserve the right to revise these Regulations at any time. If you do not agree to these Regulations, please do not use the website.


PAMPAM RETAIL SRL located on Bvd. Constantin Brancoveanu nr. 15, bl. B17, sc. 1, et. 3, ap. 10, sector 4, Bucharest, registered at Register of Commerce under number J40/2956/2017, unique registration code 37173817, facilitates the purchase of products through the use of the electronic network (Internet) – on : llamaandcactus.com (Store).

The present Regulation is addressed to all the users of the Store and it sets the principles of reserving products, through electronic means, available in the Store, of placing orders on the website, and also the principle of forming contracts of sale of the products.

Any user of the Store can access Regulations, at any moment, by clicking the link “Terms of use”, found at llamaandcactus.com/terms-of-use.

Information regarding the products in the Store – among others, descriptions, prices – represent an invitation to forming a sale contract under the present laws, according to the conditions in the “Terms of Use” document.

Products in the Store are presented in a detailed manner. On the web page, the user can find information regarding the properties of the product, their price, materials from which they are made, etc.

Rules of using the Store

PAMPAM RETAIL SRL facilitates the formation of a sale contract of the products through internet, and provides a series of services, mentioned in the present Regulations.

The sale contract of the merchandise is formed between the Store user and PAMPAM RETAIL SRL with headquarter in Bucharest.

The condition of beginning using this website is knowing the Regulations and accepting it.

The information provided by the Client during the placing of an order must be real, current and exact. PAMPAM RETAIL SRL reserves the right to refuse fulfilling an order, if the information provided is not enough or precise and therefore making the it impossible to deliver the order. Before refusing to fulfill an order PAMPAM RETAIL SRL will try to reach and notify the client, to establish what information is needed to make the delivery of the order possible.

The Client who was used the Store is obligated to:

  • not provide and transmit information that are against the law;
  • not use the website in a manner that would damage the correct function of it;
  • not transmit and place incorrect commercial information;
  • use the Store in a way that doesn’t create inconveniences to other customers of to the Store Administrator;
  • use the information found in the pages of the Store only in for personal purposes.

Placing an order

The Store facilitates placement of orders as following:

  • on the Store website (online), following the procedure of placing an order;
  • by telephone, at the number provided on the website, in the Contact section;
  • by email, sending the order of the selected merchandise at: hello@llamaandcactus.com.

The Store receives the orders placed online during the entire day, every day during the week. The orders placed by telephone or through electronic mail will be received during working days, between 10.00 am and 18.00 pm. Orders placed during weekend days or holydays will be processed in two working days from the time they were made.

The Client can place an order without having to permanently register his personal information in the Store data base (so called shopping without registration).

The condition for placing an order is filling all the required information in the form, necessary for shipping the order, and for generating an invoice or receipt from the system.

To place an order, the Client has to select the products from the Store, and then add them to “Cart”.

Until the moment of confirming the selected products through the button "Place order", the Clint has the possibility to make changes to the products in the order, as well as to the information required for shipping and invoicing. The confirmation given by the Client when pressing the button " Place order", is equal to accepting the obligation to make the payment of the selected items, information that is given directly to the Client, before confirming the order.

Forming the sale contract

Confirmation of the order made by the Client, represents the offer sent by the Client to PAMPAM RETAIL SRL,meant to form the sale contract, in compliance with the order contents and the present Regulation.

After placing an order, the Client receives an email at the address provided, indicating details regarding the order: the quantity of items ordered, the value of the order, the method of shipping and payment chosen, the time of delivery, personal information of the Client, information about the procedure of filing a complaint regarding the products as well as the right to end the contract of sale. This procedure represents a confirmation that the Store has received an acquisition offer from the Client.

The Store will confirm the acceptance or refusal of the Client’s order, through email or telephone (Confirming and shipping the order), at the address provided. Receiving the confirmation constitutes the forming of the sale contract between the Client and PAMPAM RETAIL SRL.

The sale contract is in english and contains the present Regulations, along with the order placed by the Client.

According to the present legislation, the client has the right end an order, before receiving an confirmation from the Store, meaning before receiving the email which confirms the acceptance of the order. For this the Client has to notify the Store, through telephone or email, as soon as possible.

Prices and methods of payment

The information regarding the price of acquisition of the products in the Store is mandatory for the Client, from the moment in which the confirmation email is received, for buying the selected products. The price mentioned in the confirmation email will remain the same and not suffer any changes, regardless of any modifications of price that may occur in the Store after the moment the confirmation email is received.

Complaints regarding the products

Any product that is acquired from the Store can be subject to a complaint, while respecting the terms and conditions of complaint established by law, if it presents flaws that are not in conformity with the sale contract formed.

The complaints regarding the services of the store can be sent to the email address hello@llamaandcactus.com (with the subject “llamaandcactus.com online store complaint), or by telephone, at the numbers mentioned the website. The Client’s complaint must contain the name of the beneficiary and a brief description of the product subject to the complaint. The Store will do everything it can to address the complaint as soon as possible, and no longer than 14 days from receiving the complaint. The Client will be informed by telephone or email, depending on the method chosen, of the decision of the Store regarding the solving of the complaint.

If the Client has a complaint regarding the quality of the product acquired, he is asked to send the products at the following address: Bld. Constantin Brancoveanu nr. 15, bl. B17, sc. 1, et. 3, ap. 10, sector 4, Bucuresti, CP 041434.

Ending the contract

According to the present legislation the Client has the right to the following:

  • renouncing the contract or reducing the price of acquisition of the product, if the Store does not immediately replace or fix a faulty product, without any major inconvenience to the Client;
  • ask for a replacement for the faulty product, with another one, or fixing the damage, or;
  • returning the acquisition price of the product, in 14 days from receiving the complaint.

If the complaint is not subject for admission, the product will be returned to the Client, along with a report justifying the refusal of the complaint.

If the Client notices the product was damaged during shipping, it is recommended that he files a complaint in the presence of the courier.

The prices of the products in the Store are in RON, and contain all the components of the price.

PAMPAM RETAIL SRL reserves the right to modify the prices of the products showed in the Store, to enlist new product, to begin or end promotions on the web page of the Store, to make change that abide with the present legislation, with the condition that they don’t modify the right of the clients that have already formed sale contracts with the Store, before the mentioned changes.

Information regarding the online provision of services

llamaandcactus.com provides the following services online, for the Client:

  • facilitates the forming of the online sale contract with the Store, in accordance with the present Regulation;
  • transmitting of the commercial information of the order, regarding the products.

The technical requirements for the Store to provide its services, electronically, are the following:

  • access to Internet;
  • using a bowser that makes the editing of hypertext documents possible (Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Chrome or other that are similar);
  • having an electronic mail account.

Other provisions

The content and design of llamaandcactus.com, including the look&feel of it, along with the data base accessible through it, are property of PAMPAM RETAIL SRL, and are protected through the present legislation, regarding copyright and adjacent rights. In the case of information and content posted by third parties on the website, the responsibility and copyright to them, belong totally to the ones that published the mentioned information.

You can copy and print the contend of llamaandcactus.com only for personal use, and not for commercial use. Using the content of llamaandcactus.com for any purposes other than those mentioned explicitly in the present document, and strictly forbidden. Any requests of using the content for other purposes can be sent to the email address hello@llamaandcactus.com.

If you find that any content shown on the website violates any rights of intellectual property, right to private life, publicity or other personal right, please send us an email at hello@llamaandcactus.com.

In case of major force, llamaandcactus.com, its partners and users, can’t he held liable for any delay or error in performing the contractual obligations, or in the content of the website, which result in direct or indirect matters that don’t depend on the will of llamaandcactus.com. This exoneration includes and is not limited to: functioning errors if the technical equipment of the store, lack of connection to internet, lack of connectivity to a phone network, informatics viruses, unauthorized access to llamaandcactus.com systems, errors of operating, strike, etc.

Not accepting the provision of the present Regulation, will lead to impossibility of acquiring the products provided by the Store. The Store gives the Client the possibility to acknowledge the Regulations, when placing an order.